wi-tribe Hourly Prepaid Packages


wi-tribe prepaid is an hourly prepaid broadband service that will give you the flexibility to use wi-tribe without any bill at the end of the month.

Detail about Packages:

The package is available at a speed of 512Kbps and on all 3 wi-tribe devices: Desktop, Wi-Fi and the Pocket Modem.


There are no activation charges and the initial amount includes 90 days worth of internet. With wi-tribe, pay only for what you use.

How to recharge:

With no volume limits, you can endlessly download and stream your favourite music, videos and much more. If you run out of hours, recharging with scratch cards and send an SMS to 2121 or recharge online through my wi-tribe. Or walk into any of our customer care centres for an instant cash recharge.
Terms and Conditions:
1. Total initial charges: security deposit + initial credit
2. Security deposit refundable upon return of device
3. 3 days money back guarantee

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