AskariBank of Pakistan is one of the well known name in banking sector of Pakistan. Askary Bank was incorporated in Pakistan on October 9, 1991, as a public limited company. It commenced operation on April 1, 1992. Askari Bank is the first bank in Pakistan to provide such service to its valued customers which is absolutely FREE. The new I-Net Banking Services is now more interactive, and has been expanded to include more information of interest to customers with enhanced security features.

How to Use

To use Askari iNet Banking, you should be a registered Askari Bank Account holder with a valid ATM/Visa Debit Card. If you do not have an account, please visit any of our nearest branch and open your account and obtain an Visa Debit Card.

Please follow the steps, if you already have an account and Visa Debit Card:

  1. Register yourself on iNet website using the online registration process.
  2. A confirmation along with an 8-digit ACTIVATION KEY will be sent to your email address.
  3. Activate your account by visiting your nearest Askari Bank ATM.
    • After entering your Visa Debit Card PIN Select “Internet Banking” under “Other Services”.
    • You will need to key in the 8 digit Activation Key received through email.
    • On successful activation, you will get a confirmation message on the ATM screen as well as on a paper receipt.
  4. Once your Internet Banking is activated, visit our website.
    • After entering the User ID, Activation Key and other information, you will be required to specify the password to log in to iNet.
    • After the verification of the information, you will be able to enjoy the benefits including Funds Transfer and Online Bill Payments with few simple clicks.

You can register if you have account in Askari Bank



I don’t have an Account with Askari Bank Ltd. Can I use Askari iNet Banking Service?
Customer must have a valid account with Visa Debit Card to be able to use Askari iNet Banking Service. Visit your nearest Askar Bank branch and our to open an account.

I do not have an Visa Debit Card. Can I still get Askari iNet Banking?
Askari iNet Banking requires a valid Visa Debit Card. Please visit your branch to get your Visa Debit Card.

How can I get an Askari iNet Banking account?
If you are an Askari Bank Account holder with an Visa Debit Card, you can register online for Askari iNet Banking. The Registration process is quite simple. All you have to do is click on Sign Up link and fill out the application form to complete the registration process. Askari Bank will process your application and you will be notified via an email.

How do I get my Askari iNet Banking Account Activated?
Once your application is processed, you will get an Activation Key via email. Visit your nearest Askari Bank ATM to activate Internet Banking account using Activation Key. After successful activation visit the Askari iNet Banking website and sign in using your User ID. You will be asked to enter certain personal details for verification purposes. Thereafter, you can enter the Activation Key and specify your new password.


I have multiple accounts with Askari Bank. Can I use all these accounts with Askari iNet Banking?
All accounts linked to your Visa Debit Card are automatically associated and made available to Askari iNet Banking. For linking multiple accounts to a single Visa Debit Card, please visit your branch to complete the necessary formalities.

I’ve forgotten my User ID. What should I do?
Your User ID is confidential and you should keep it confidential. However in case you forget your User ID, please call our 24 hours call center at 0800 00078 for assistance.

I’ve forgotten my password. What should I do?
Your password is confidential information. If you have forgotten your password, you may follow one of the following two steps: a) Click on the Forgot Password link on the Askari iNet Banking website. You will be asked a few questions to verify your identity and then you will be allowed to reset your password. b) Visit nearest Askari Bank ATM. Select “Internet Banking” under “Other Services”. Under “Forgot Password” option key in 8 digits new password twice. On successful update of your password you will get a message on ATM screen as well as on paper receipt.

What options are available in Askari iNet Banking?
Askari iNet Banking offers a comprehensive set of services including but not limited to viewing account statements, online funds transfer, and online bill payments.

Which bills can I pay using Askari iNet Banking?
Askari Bank offers many options for online bill payments. You can pay Utility bills, as well as, Mobile phone bills.

When is bill payment effective?
Bill payment is effective immediately unless you are intimated of a failure or an error. When you pay bills online, funds will be immediately transferred from your account to pay your bills.

When is funds transfer effective?
Funds transfer is effective immediately unless you are intimated of a failure or an error. When you enter your Financial PIN, the process is invoked immediately and funds are transferred to the destination account.

Is online funds transfer secure?
Askari iNet Banking website is secured with 128-bit SSL encryption which allows information to travel securely from our servers to your computer. Also your transactions are further secured using a Financial PIN interface.

Who can I pay using Askari iNet Banking Service?

You can pay any Askari Bank account holder anywhere in Pakistan with just few clicks.
Is there any service fee to use Askari iNet Banking?

Askari iNet Banking is provided by Askari Bank to its valued customers free of charge.
What is the maximum transfer limit?

For security reasons, the limit is presently set to Rs. 250,000 per day. You can consume this limit in one transaction or multiple transactions.
How do I change my Financial PIN?

If you have forgot your Financial PIN or you feel your Financial PIN has been compromised, you have the option to change your financial PIN from iNet website. On clicking this function, a new Financial PIN will be emailed to you instantly.







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