Maria Wasti Responce to Beach Photos with Ayesha Omar


Maria Wasti Hot Semi Naked Beach Photos With Fellow Actress and Model Ayesha Omar

Personal Photos of Pakistani TV and film actress Maria Wasti were leaked on the internet.

They were from vacation pictures she had with fellow Pakistani actress and model Ayesha Omar. The pictures were deemed private and the two were wearing revealing clothes which they did not do in Pakistan.


The 32-year old actress is known for her roles in TV serials as a woman who went through difficult times and gained a lot of respect from both her critics and fans. Wasti has her own production house that produces a number plays and serials which are aimed to revive the television in the country through quality content. It rivals India’s glamour-filled TV plays.


Aside from wearing revealing clothes and swim wears, the leaked pictures of the two Pakistani actresses and models were alleged implicating some lesbian context as the two women had their arms around each other’s waists. They were criticized for alleged immodesty.

Maria Wasti said,

It was annoying and disturbing to see the commentary and captions on those photographs. Maria said this in her recent interview with a leading English newspaper of Pakistan.


15 thoughts on “Maria Wasti Responce to Beach Photos with Ayesha Omar”

  1. we all are pakistan and we can not accept this type of picture and listen maria wasti g if u are muslim and u some respect to your family so do inside anything in your home don't show the outside the country and define the pakistan female how is the culture…. if I have power to do something I sure I will shot u… if need to talk just call my number 00966507270580… shame full both of u.

  2. u both girls feel that we r very respectable but the other side u both should die before u xpose urself like this…it is not only pictures I am sure lot of illegal act u already done in your education life…my views r as per your third class fucking mentallity..

  3. Salam to ma all bros n plz show some respect for these ladies . N u dont have any right to abuse anyone.
    Every body has this right wid birth that he/she can live his life as they want to
    n we r not so holly souls we all knows better than anyone how we r from inside how can u say them they r doing wrong when u r seeing these pics by ur own selves so plz stop criticise them

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