Mahnoor Baloch Pakistani Tv Actress and Model


Name  : Mahnoor Baloch

Profession :  Actress-Model-Director

Stage : Model

Gender :  Female

Birth Date :July 14, 1970 (age 41)

Star : Cancer

Country : Pakistan

Birth place :USA

Nationality : Pakistani

Hair : Black

Eye Color : Brown

Marital Status : Married

Hobbies :  acting, traveling, listening music

Languages : English, Urdu

Spouse: Hamid Sidique

Years active: 1990-Present

Mahnoor Baloch is a pakistani actress famous for acting and modeling. She began her career as modeling at the age of twenty and later starred on a television serial: Marvi. Married at the age of 16 to Hamid Sidique, Baloch has a 27 year old daughter.She is known as the princess of pakistan. Mahnoor Baloch has a very unique face with charming personality. She looks beautiful in every dress and every style . In fact, Mahnoor Baloch is the dream girl of millions of Pakistani Television viewers . she is also known as a great Director. She proved herself in field of modeling acting and direction .Mahnoor married Hamid with their parent’s blessings. Hamid was seventeen years of age at the time. As Mahnoor is from sindhi family she was forced to marry their parents choice. Hamid was happy that time but after Mahnoor’s entering into Showbiz he was not happy with that.

What is so different about Patjhar?

The story for the play is taken from an old english novel and Mohammad Ahmed has done his best to give the story an Eastern touch. Nowadays people pay less and less attention to stories when directing a play, but this play’s strong point is its story as well as the wonderful acting by my costars.  

What is most important for an artist…money or respect?
I believe that respect and the love we get from others is the most important thing. It is not imporant just to be famous. Now we have so many channels running simultaneously and we are flooded with all sorts of plays, but the good artists do only selective work. Before I sign on the dotted line, I like to read the story of the play. If the story interests me then I agree to do the play. Otherwise no matter how much money people offer me, I don’t accept it unless it is a good story.

We heard that in PJKC, your husband has a cameo?
Mohd Ahmed wanted Hamid to act in the play but Hamid refused because he is not into acting. But if in the future, he expresses a desire to act then I would love to cast him opposite me. She smiles as she answers our question.
How would you describe acting?
Acting requires that an actor totally becomes the character he/she is playing. I try to do that when I am acting. I am surprised at actors who perform in three or four serials at one time and perform different characters in each serial.
“I am a thorough professional now who has learnt from her past mistakes and have vowed never to make them the second time.” Her colleagues find her a punctuality freak and a difficult person to deal with, a fact she happily admits. “There are reasons for such a comportment,” as she says.
“I can understand if one is five to ten minutes, or at the most, half an hour late. But how can you be late everyday. That means you need to set your priorities and take life seriously. As for my being a difficult person, that’s because I have had my share of problems with the press. I have been humiliated several times and would never like to go through the same ordeal again.

“I believe style does not mean that one has to be vulgar. In a fashion show we were to model for some western clothes. The skirt I had to wear had a slit way up till my thigh. It was very embarrassing for me. That was my last show. I believe there is a difference between style and nudity. I like modelling but catwalk is a definite no no now. I will continue to work in commercials though.”Personal:
Mahnoor and her husband Hamid Siddique are planning to move to Canada soon where most of their family currently resides. She likes to act but direction gives her creative satisfaction. In her real life, Mahnoor liked Hamid Siddiqui, happened to be the son of her father’s friend. Their families knew each other for years. In fact, both Mahnoor and Hamid grew up together. They remained steadfast friends through thick and thin.”I am not crazy about acting. I am doing it perhaps because I am good at it. I always wanted to direct being intrigued by what went on behind the camera. Had there been any institute teaching this, I would have directly jumped onto the bandwagon of direction.”

As a young girl, Mahnoor showed keen interest in human behavior. Perhaps, Mahnoor wore the smile of an innocent, little girl as she said that she wanted to become a psychiatrist. But Mahnoor was destined to be an artist.

Mahnoor claimed her own fame before turning twenty in the modeling world. Later, she appeared in Pakistani television commercials as well. Mahnoor became the most enchanting artist of the 1990s and she continues to make her presence felt forcefully to date. Additionally, her genius in succeeding is largely one of character-patience, self-discipline, rationality and inner resolve.

Mahnoor’s acting is fraught with reality. The humane element is always present in her celluloid persona. That believability-and humanity-was powerfully manifested in the 1997 super hit television drama serial, ‘Ye zindigi.’ Director, Sultana Siddiqui, cast included Mahnoor, Noman Aijaz, and Humayun Saeed.

It is an enthralling tale of deception and dejection. From this, and a rarely perfected talent of wit, Mahnoor brings her interesting character ‘Soha’, not only to life, but also into the hearts of millions of dedicated viewers. Background song in Mehnaz’s lilting voice ‘Zindigi kay sub lamhay yaad gaar hotay hain’ became uproariously popular. Most importantly, the last episode of ‘Ye zindigi’ is intent on draining our tear ducts.

In the highly successful drama serial, ‘Chandni Raatain’, Mahnoor’s acting is almost gushing in its admiration. While her vivid persona upholds the sentimentality depicted in the play. In ‘Chandni Raatain’ as the story goes; Javed Sheikh had no children from his first wife. Thus, he marries ‘Maha’, played by Mahnoor, who becomes his second wife.

Dwelling on her plus points, Mahnoor’s independence of mind and her ability to focus on her work also serve her well in her show business career. Confidence in one’s own judgment, she realized early on, is what matters most. Mahnoor’s presentation always carries with it a peculiar vividness that is exclusively her own. Included in the list of illustrious plays is ‘Pathjhar ki chaaon’ in the year 2000, directed by Mahnoor. It is an intricate story about a mother and her daughter.
Mahnoor played the role of the eldest daughter.

Regarding her charismatic figure, the discerning viewers fall passionately in love with her at first sight. From her earlier days in working life, Mahnoor has learnt a lot, and forgotten nothing. Most of all, Mahnoor has been glorified like no other artist in modern times. The intoxication of glory, Oh! How uplifted she would be!

Mahnoor’s intense and interesting performance in the romantic comedy drama ‘Kabhi kabhi pyar mein’ in August 2001 brought more laurels to her. Director, Afreen Baig, writer, Shahid Kazmi, cast included Mahnoor, Humayun Saeed and Adnan Siddiqui. The way ‘Kabhi kabhi pyar mein’ was romanticized is a feat in modern Pakistani television direction. This also proves the fact that Pakistani television crew are hard at work on sophisticated craft.

Mahnoor increasingly found opportunities to show her dramatic abilities, notably in the stage show ‘Hai koi hum jaisa.’ Hosted by Fakhar-e-Alam, Mahnoor and Atiqa Odho. The show honors the Pakistani cricket team and singers like Jawad Ahmed and Ali Azmat.

Most definitely, we regard Mahnoor not only as the foremost entertainer but as one of the pillars of Pakistani television, a delightful companion to the life of the twenty-first century Pakistan and an endlessly fascinating personality in her own right.

As for her future aspirations, Mahnoor is more than up to the challenge. Love and wisdom knows no boundaries. With the passage of time, Mahnoor has earned love and respect from her loyal fans. She has developed enduring friendship with her family and her friends as well. In those bonds are the strands of love, of kindness, of physical and spiritual healing. They are the strands of life itself.

Television serial

  • Marvi
  • Lamhay
  • Doosra Aasman
  • Shidat
  • Unhoni
  • Sila
  • Kabhi Kabhi Pyar Mei
  • Chandni Ratein
  • Yeh Zindagi
  • Patjhar Ki Chaioon
  • Jaane kyun
  • Ab Ghar Jane Do
  • Noor Bano
  • Mohobat Rooth Gaye
  • Ladies Park
  • Ishq Ibadat
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