I’m to blame for Kolkata Knight Riders’s failure


I am to blame for Kolkata Knight Riders`s failure: Shah Rukh KhanShah Rukh Khan says he is feeling “awful” after the poor performance of his Indian Premier League team Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) that has been knocked out of the tournament.

He has taken the blame for its poor show and makes an unconditional apology to all his supporters and well-wishers.

The actor poured his heart out on his Twitter page after the team was out of the semi-finals following its defeat by Chennai Super Kings Tuesday.

“I completely take the blame for not putting up a good enough show…so much love for kkr & I couldnt reciprocate,” Shah Rukh posted on his Twitter.

“Will call all & thank them for trying, even if it wasn’t good enuff. All are a good bunch. All of them. Sometimes our best not good enuff.

“Final thanx to Kolkata audience. You make us proud…couldn’t do the same…& can’t make any promises for future either, have lost the right.


“I am not sad. Just feel awful for Kolkata & all of this, most wonderful city & my sponsors… Nokia & xxx drink. No promises anymore,” he added.

An upset Shah Rukh sought the support of his family and friends to get over his sadness.

He further wrote: “My kids gave me a hug for the first time in 3 years when we lost. They have overcome the sadness of defeats better than me. Time to learn.

Just disappointed. can’t do anymore for kkr. Sorry can’t sound fakely uppity about next season & thanx for support tweets.

“Many friends at home..so will be with them. Will try & get over this loss too..like in the last 2 yrs. All supporters try the same.

“Substance leads to style & glamour. Supporters of kkr we can say goodbye to ipl now. Better than last year is not good enuff.

“Bye all. I am off now to deal with disappointments in the way I know best. You find your poison. love you all. Unconditional apologies to all,” he added.

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