Name  :  Sarwat Gilani

Nickname: Siju

Birth place : Pakistan

Profession :  Actress & Model

Stage : Model

Gender :  Female

Country : Pakistan

Nationality : Pakistani

Hair : Black

Eye Color : Brown

Marital Status : Married

Hobbies :  acting, traveling, listening music

Education: Graduate of Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture in Communication (Graphic Designer) 2004 and master the art of filmmaking

Childhood ambition: To become an astronaut

Languages : English, Urdu

Sarwat Gillani has become one of the most familiar faces on television. Her trademark being her petite frame and cute curls, and smile. However, her popularity has less to do with her looks and more to do with her innate acting skills that she has portrayed in numerous dramas that have been on air for the past several years.

Starting her career with smaller roles, Sarwat’s biggest break came when she was offered a leading role in the popular drama serial ‘Saiqa’ . Her next big role came in the drama ‘Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan’ (Geo TV), which has been one of the most popular dramas of recent times.

Sarwat’s is not the usual tale of ‘always wanting to be in the limelight.’ She was not aspiring to be a model. She did not dreams of fame It all started with the fateful day, when she went to collect her sister from location where she was busy getting a commercial recorded. It was here that Sarwat was noticed and the next thing she knew she was asked to audition for a soap commercial since they needed a young girl in her teens. So it basically started from there. Then She kept on getting offers on and off.  Sarwat Gillani took break of 2 years from acting after her mega serial Azar Ki Ayegi Baraat . According to her in this break she done all those things for them she was not getting time while acting . But now she is back as “Haniya” she is doing Mehreen Jabbar serial Matae jaan hai Tou.


Television serial

  • Saiqa Hum TV
  • Kaisi Hain Doorian ARY Digital
  • Dolly Ki Aayegi Baraat
  • Dil Ki Madham Boliyan’ (TV One)
  • Yariyan
  • Ishq Gumshuda
  • Meri Zaat Zarra E Benishan
  • Ishq Ki Inteha
  • Azar Ki Ayegi Baraat on Geo Tv
  • Malal(Hum TV)
  • Shadi Aur Tum Se on Hum Tv


  • Favourite food: Biryani and Sushi
  • Favourite holiday destination: Rome
  • Favourite book: The book with all answers, the Holy Quran.
  • Dream role: To play a character in an Iranian film after having learnt Persian.
  • Favourite actors: Naseeruddin Shah, Robert De Niro and Natalie Portman
  • Favourite male co-star: Faisal Rehman
  • Favourite female co-star: Sania Saeed
  • Most inspiring personality: My Nana
  • Worst nightmare: Performing in a stage play and forgetting the lines!
  • What’s fashion for you: Classy western and elegant eastern wear is fashion for me!
  • Style statement : Comfortable and classy
  • Favourite hangout: My place
  • Favourite writer: Ayn Rand and Anwar Maqsood
  • Poets: Faiz, Faraz, Ghalib and Bulleh Shah
  • Define Sarwat Gilani in 3 words: Imaginative, focused and natural
  • Style code : Casual and comfortable.
  • Style inspiration: Style is very important to me because it is “style” with which an actor carries out its characters. Anybody from Penelope, Audrey Hepburn to Madam Noor Jahan can inspire me.
  • What’s your one beauty/style essential? : My shades.
  • Signature scent : I like fruity fragrances.
  • How do you keep your body buff?
  • Love fruits (full stop).
  • Any style blunders you want to reveal?
  • Reached a party looking and feeling great until I noticed the house slippers that I was still wearing!!
  • What’s the most expensive item in your wardrobe? : My watch
  • Which item from your wardrobe do you love the most? : I love my PJ’s.
  • One person I would love to dine out with: Jude Law
  • Childhood fantasy: To own everything that belonged to my elder sister.

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