One of the Pakistan’s emerging fashion models and drama actresses of Lahore, Saba Qamars have got the attractive features. She has also got ideal 5’ 7’’ height and a perfect fashion model figure. Saba Qamar is a Lahore based Pakistani model known for featuring in Abrar Ul Haq’s Boliyan Pa Kay. She is also the host of comedy show called Hum Sab Umeed Say Hain on Geo TV. Saba Qamar is marvelously making her prominent place in the fields of acting and modeling from the last three years. She has done different T.V dramas, commercials, editorials, Tele films and also presented her guts on the fashion ramps as well.

Drama Serials :
* Gharoor (PTV)
* Mai Aurat Hoon (PTV)
* Banjar (Geo TV)
* Teri Ik Nazar (Geo TV)
* Unbayanable
* Muhabat Yunhi Bhi hoti hai
* Woh Subh Kab Ayegi
* Nadia Naam Ki Larki
* Bhool
* Kan Pur Sai Katas Tak

Saba Hosting “Hum Sub Umeed Say Hain”: Fashion model & Actress is now proving her celebrity guts on the grounds of comparing as well. No doubt celebrity Saba is talented and smart girl, both apparently and mentally. comparing is not as easy for any up-coming showbiz celebrity but she has proved that she is true showbiz celebrity. After proving herself on the in the acting field on Television, celebrity Saba is now doing her best in the world of presenting. In a T.V program ‘Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain’, celebrity Saba Qamar is holding that show in a superb way. She actually wants to be true Pakistani fashion celebrity and on the basis of her talent she will soon reach up to her of the best tv actress. According to her ‘I like Fashion ramp because it gives me worth’. She has earned maximum fame in the field of T.V commercials through the advertisement of ‘Super Biscuits’.

She has so many dreams and plans practically to fly on the heights, as she has mentioned once while giving the fashion shoot for a beauty salon that she want to fly high in the sky like a free bird. She loves three things of her life majorly and considers them to be the most important; her family, freedom and her work. Infect hard work and sincerity with the work makes her one of the shining star of the Pakistani showbiz and Fashion industry.


Saba Qamar hit by Dengue fever: Saba Qamar has been hit by the Dengue virus, Geo News reported Friday.she is suffering from Dengue from the past days.The virus has spread across the province and many people including politicians, players and actors have lost their lives after suffering from the virus.

Interview :

Name: Saba Qamar

Birthday: April 5, 1984

Star : Aries

Debut: Mai Aurat Hoon (PTV)

Best Work: Jinnah Ka Naam

Favorite Co-Star: Talat Hussain

Best Buddy in Showbiz: No one

Favorite Actor: Talat Hussain

Favorite Director: Tariq Mairaj

Favorite all-time model: Iraj Manzoor

Favorite Movie: Ijazat

Favorite Singer: Kishore Kumar

Favorite Song: Depends on mood

Food: Fruits

Holiday Spot: Where I can be alone

Hobbies: Listening to music

What makes you happiest: Peace

What you hate the most: Dual personality

Your thoughts on love: Immortal relation between two souls

Your strength: Confidence

Your weakness: Love

If not in showbiz, What would you be? Choreographer/designer

How do you stay in shape: Balance diet, exercise

Current Projects: Muhabat Yunhi Bhi hoti hai, Woh Subh Kab Ayegi,maat

Nadia Naam Ki Larki, Bhool, Kan Pur Sai Katas Tak

Message to Fans: Jiyo aur jeenay do


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