Mehar Bukhari  Host/Journalist
Born: N/A
Profession: Journalist
Affiliation(s): Dunya News
Citizenship: Pakistani
Education and Career:
She was bought up and raised in Pakistan, went abroad in pursuit of higher education, and inevitably returned.

As a Host:

Famous Female anchor of Samaa Tv is no more on Samaa TV. She was fired by Samaa TV. This is not much confirmed that either she left or she fired. Mehar Bukhari, who was running show with the name “News Beat With Meher Bokhari” which has got wide popularity in TV viewers.She got better offer from another channel. She fired due to Salman Taseer case. Many people say that she is one of the media person because of whom Salman Taseer’s Blasphemy issue became media News.
Other than all this, she don’t need to fear as she has very huge viewership market in Pakistan. We also heard that she may join Express TV or AAJ TV.

At Dunya TV:

Programme which Mehar host now a days Name Cross Fire With Mehar Bukhari


Title: Cross Fire With Meher Bukhari 27th July 2011
Host: Mehar Bukhari
Date: Wednesday, July 27, 2011
Duration: 34:20 Min
Channel/Source: Dunya News.

Interview with Imran khan:

Her Interview with Imran khan and especially his intro for Imran khan was fantastic, it says “There are only three ways to get famous in Pakistan, either you are a politician or you are a philanthropist or you are a cricketer but Imran khan is combination of all three”.

Political Experience:

Meher Bukhari is Brave and sharp. She Knows every thing about Pakistani Politics and Know how to get to the Point.She is getting very popular in the youngsters these days due to his vocal quality

Last year we also heard her scandal about a dance party in US Embassy. Lots of websites & blogs have published those pictures while many people forward those pictures as email attachment. In those pictures few other media anchors was also presented i.e, Shaukat Paracha, Asma Shirazi, Saima Mohsin. You can easily search those pictures on Internet.About her Party Pics with foreigners but those pictures are nothing. She is Still Strong and Doing Good for Pakistani Media.