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Maya Khan raids on dating couples in Clifton Karachi:

Why else would Maya Khan along with two-dozen elite-class aunties consider they have the right to go public places seeking marriage certificates and explanations from couples? If you have confusion about what I am talking about, take a look at a clip from Samaa TV’s flagship show, Subha Savery Maya Kay Sath, you will get the complete picture.


it was not a joke or a prank show at all. The clip, which was broadcasted without consent of the harassed couples, is perhaps the least offensive part of this whole drama, and that’s enouncing impressive.

The host who conceive of this idea for her morning show explained that she was doing a great service to the society. She justified her work saying “We need to make this park safe for families.”

What about the implication that dating is only permitted if done in private places, branded restaurants, and its okay to imagine couples in public places are wicked? Or was Maya just attempting to prove that carrying a microphone gives her a license to attack other people’s private lives. if Maya Khan’s end objective was anything than self-promotion, she can rest assured it was accomplished.

I have been in the field of media for quite a while, and I am wondering how anyone with a camera be judgmental about other peoples’ behaviours.
Going to a date can be termed immoral in our society, but how can you just run into someone and put their actions live on tv?
And talking about morals, Maya Khan lies to the guy that camera and microphone are off (isn’t lying immoral). She does have a problem with couples dating at parks, but doesn’t shy from rubbing shoulders with males while dancing on Indian tunes, and hugging them afterwards.Watch this video.

This new development has also raised certain questions, the answer of which are still un-certain.

  • Is dating illegal in Pakistan ?
  • Does an unmarried couple have the right to go at public places such as parks, cinemas and restaurants?
  • Is media playing good role by exposing the young couples who are dating in public parks ?

Maya khan’s apology on 17th january 2012 episode:

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